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One Platform for
Forklift safety system analytics

ELOfleet.com is the one-stop-shop for managing all you material handling equipment assets in the cloud: whether it is fleet management for forklifts, AGVs and/or AMRs, tracking forklift safety system data violations, online document management for all your assets or digital inspection processes - ELOfleet allows you to do this all in one place – get started quickly and scale easily.

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Track, analyze and improve

Forklift Truck Fleet Management

Manage all trucks from any OEM at any of your sites in one place on one cloud platform.

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ELOfleet Solutions

Forklift Truck Fleet Management

  • OEM Independent – manage all trucks from any OEM and at any of your sites in one place, on one cloud platform
  • Be alerted in advance when trucks come due for maintenance based on their usage profiles – known as predictive maintenance planning
  • Access Control - Ensure that only trained, qualified, and authorized operators can access your trucks, using RFID/NFC tags, - or specific truck groups
  • Track every detail about your trucks and equipment from cradle to grave – have one place where you can track trucks, usage, maintenance intervals, repair costs, total cost of ownership
  • Pre-Ops Checklists – customize checklists to your needs and be alerted when critical truck issues are reported – comply with national health and safety regulations
  • Web platform – access and update fleet information from anywhere, scale easily, from pilot to multisite rollout on one and the same web platform
  • Impact Recording and Alerting – ELOfleet records and alerts on impacts of three severity levels and triggers different truck actions
  • Two product versions: “Sprint”, with little operator interaction, and “Smart” with pre-ops and impact checklist product functionalities
  • Productivity Recordings - Benchmark all trucks, irrespective of the brand, (and from any site) against one another – using one and the same sensor type for drive time recording.
  • Dashboard – start your day with a dashboard view on your fleet’s operational status and exceptional events- then action exceptional maintenance, impact or checklist events.
Forklift Safety System

Prevent collisions and improve site safety with modern and highly precise safety solution.

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ELOfleet Solutions

Forklift Safety System

  • Deploy the most modern, highly precise solution for indoor location tracking
  • You can customize detection ranges and decide on action triggers to ensure optimal deployment
  • Prevent truck to pedestrian collisions
  • The solution can be used stand alone or administered on your ELOfleet web platform featuring data analytics.
  • Improve truck uptimes by deploying our truck-to-truck collision avoidance functionality
  • Improve site safety with daily dashboard summaries of near miss accidents
  • Ensure that trucks are automatically slowed down
  • Geofence areas in your warehouse – and receive real-time alerts when trucks enter these areas
MHE Maintenance Alerting

Ensure higher truck availability, faster and less costly repairs.

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ELOfleet Solutions

MHE Maintenance Alerting

  • Have trucks automatically locked out when maintenance is due – significantly reducing search times
  • Upload truck usage and maintenance data to third party maintenance management software
  • Know daily by means of the ELOfleet dashboard what percentage of your fleet is in maintenance
  • Product roadmap planning: to integrate battery asset maintenance management in the ELOfleet portal
  • Faster repairs, less costly, higher truck availability
Digital Forklift Inspections

Identify and report damages and safety issues easily and covenient.

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ELOfleet Solutions

Digital Forklift Inspections

  • Document visual fork truck inspections prior to truck use
  • Customize checklists by truck, truck group or department
  • Identify and report safety issues to a cloud-portal wirelessly
  • Photo document and upload truck damage in need of repair
  • Stay up to date with real time alerts



Document Management

Manage all your documents in one place.

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ELOfleet Solutions

Document Management

  • Upload all truck fleet related invoices to the ELOfleet portal
  • Allocate invoices and costs according to individual truck units
  • Easily photograph and upload, or scan and upload, paper-based invoices
  • Review costs by truck, enabling total cost of ownership tracking per truck
  • Upload owner’s or user’s manuals to the ELOfleet portal – making these available to anyone within your organization globally
AMR / AGV Fleet Management

Manage your autonomous guided vehicles and robots.

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ELOfleet Solutions

AMR / AGV Fleet Management

  • OEM independet
  • Traffic Management
  • Localization of AGVs and AMRs


Cloud-based Platform

Why you should choose
a web portal solution

  • Super-fast project implementation - from pilot to rollout
  • Switch between applications and between sites
  • Access the application from your PC, notebook, tablet, or smartphone – from anywhere at anytime, in your language
  • Automatic import of data from third party fleet management or proximity detection systems – speak to us on options available to you
  • Fixes and feature updates are deployed over the air – no availability downtime during business hours
  • Manage all your material handling assets in one place – and that globally
  • Hosted off-premises means low to no hardware costs to you!
  • Security and backup standards from large cloud hosting providers.
  • Choose your own company name subdomain, such as www.ABC_Inc.elofleet.com
  • Compare fleet data between departments, vehicle groups or sites across the world
  • Customize the front-end design to your corporate identity
  • The web portal grows with you – we are continuously evaluating adding new features and functionalities


More Productivity and Safety with our MHE Platform

Improve Fleet Productivity

Our fleet management solution comes with RFID access control, impact recording and alerting, productivity benchmarking and preventive maintenance alerting. Act upon this data in our cloud portal to right size your fleet.

Reduce and Prevent
Workplace Safety Violations

Our forklift safety system prevents truck-to- truck and well as truck-to-pedestrian collisions. It also comes with a zoning option for high risk/high traffic areas. Analyze and act upon all data in our cloud portal ELOfleet.com

Have all information
at your fingertips

Manage all your MHE assets information online, digitally, in one place. Due away with spreadsheets and a multitude of different software systems.

Reduce servicing
and spare parts costs

Impact sensing and alerting, pre-ops checklists reporting, preventative maintenance alerting are just three of many functions which will help you drive down costs of managing your MHE assets.

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We can also assist in developing a return-on-investment calculation for you. Our ROI calculator has been designed based on market cost data and we are happy to provide this to you in an editable format for your internal presentation/discussion purposes.

Pricing depends on:

  • number of trucks to be outfitted
  • the number of functionalities you want deploy
  • number of sites (on or multisite)
  • custom options, such as an API integration

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